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Undead and Unwed

Here I am sitting at home feeling extremely guilty. For starters I haven't even started my English assignment which is due on Monday (clever of me), I haven't updated on fanfiction for about a month and I haven't posted in about double that time.
So I thought the time has come that I shall do all of that and more!

Dead and Unwed
Undead and Unwed

The day I died started out bad and got worse in a hurry.

Betsy Taylor is having a bad week. First of all she is made redundant from her secretarial job, and then she is run over and killed in a car accident. For most people this would at least be the end of the bad week but not for Betsey. She rises from the dead as a vampire and despite several attempts to make herself dead again she just can’t stay dead.

To make matters worse her new vampire friends seem to think she is their prophesied vampire queen and they want her to help them destroy the mad vampire master Nostrodamus who currently controls all the vampires in the city. Although Nostrodamus is unpleasant, insane and a cliché of every bad vampire movie Betsy has ever seen, she has other important things to do. Like shopping for some new clothes as day wear is no longer appropriate attire for her.

On the plus side she has met the devastatingly attractive vampire Sinclair, possibly the most scrumptious man she has ever met dead or alive….

My local book-shop-owner-person recommended this to me whilst I was looking in the vampire section (and yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with Vampires now, deal with it).
Its actually really funny.
It reminds me of how I think.
The main character thinks of witty comebacks and often compares her friends to 'zoolander' and when she discovers she is 'undead' trys to kill herself by drinking bleach (sounds sad and stupid, but its just so funny). She is hilarious and all the characters are interesting and amusing. The dialogue between characters is fantastic. I wish I could make up comebacks like Betsy! This book is for slightly older readers and has a few questionable scenes *cough sex cough*
But apart from that (which is totally skip able) this book is just like a Meg Cabot book; supernatural themes with romance and drama woven in between.
Its also part of a series which I am planning on reading. :)

I would recommend this book to people who liked Meg Cabot's Mediator series, Alavon High and Jinx

More Information:
Webie Sitie thing.

Well I better get cracking on updating fanfiction.
Captain Libeka

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Earthborn

The Earthborn

A space station called the 'colony' was launched thousands of years ago in the hope of finding the a new earth. However, when they cannot find the fabled new Earth, the ship comes back to Earth. However time has travelled differently in space, than it has on Earth. What has only been a couple of hundred of years for the colony has been thousands of years for the citizens of earth.

The main character, Welkin Quinn is raised on the colony and is used to the militaristic culture of the skyborn (people on the colony). As this society prepares for its return to earth, its leaders-an order of elders- brainwash the people of colony, using misinformation to induce a hatred of the Earthborn and a fear of Earth. Using these emotions, the elders plan to commit global genocide of the 'savages on Earths surface'.
When his transport vehicle is forced to abort his mission and crash lands on Earth, 13-year-old Welkin Roberts has a problem. Having been born and raised in space Welkin has no idea what to expect. All he knows about Earth is what he has learned from the Colony's archives. And what he does know is not encouraging. For Skyborn kids, the Earthborn are savages and barbarians. That prejudice is put to the test when Welkin and some fellow Skyborn are attacked by Jabbers, a savage a murderous gang of Earthborn. He is saved by a girl named Sarah, the leader of a group of children, who takes him under her wing and take him to a hide away which is safe. As he experiences now things, Welkin is forced to re-evaluate his situations and beliefs. He even questions the colony and together, he and Sarah must prevent the global genocide, if he can manage to decide which side he is on.

Its quite a complex plot, and I can't explain it much simpler than that!

Once again, this book is one of three and I finished reading this series ages ago. The concept is very good and original; also the psychology of Welkin is beyond fascinating. Its captivating and draws you into the book. I have read lots of reviews on this book and many say that it is 'a disappointment'. I personally don't understand this. Sure, there is lots of complex fight scenes and sometimes Welkin's naivety is frustrating but the plot and the excitement outweigh the negatives.

Cover without writing (One of my favourite books covers of all time):

More Information :
Paul Collin's Website

Oh and by the by, Paul Collins is an Australian author and this book is set in Australia.


Its finally the holidays again, and we now have enough time to read instead of constantly doing school work.


On a frontier world is a colony called Harmony.
Like everyone who lives there, Jacob is blind.

Growing up in Harmony Station, a colony established on a distant planet by an association of blind people who have had themselves genetically altered so that their offspring will be blind too, Jacob is approaching his 13th birthday when, in the wake of a series of severe headaches, he realises that he can see. What he sees, besides previously unsuspected natural beauty all around, is that his supposedly pious, tightly knit, morally upright community harbors food thieves, adulterers, and hypocrites.

This is the journey of one young man who will discover how much there is too see- if only you are willing to look.

I really enjoyed this book, it is the first of the Truesight trilogy. This book is based in a tight knit community which has strong morals and relationships. But underneath the surface there is so much, basically corruption. I really enjoyed this book, it is all about Jacob, the main character, breaking free and forming his own opinions. Although the plot does take a while to get running, the next few books follow this one up beautifully. The whole book is about conforming with your society, and sometimes its not right!
A previous statement that I made about 'not liking science fiction', is pretty must destroyed. I have lately dipped more into this genre and I am loving some of the books which I have found.

More Information
Author's Official Website
Fantastic Fiction

Captain Libeka.
ps. I am halfway through reading a star wars novel and will be reviewing that soon :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Raven's Gate

Raven's Gate

He always knew he was different. First there were the dreams. Then the deaths began.
When Matt Freeman gets into trouble with the police, he’s sent to be fostered in Yorkshire.
It’s not long before he senses there’s something wrong with his guardian: with the whole village.
Then Matt learns about the Old Ones and begins to understand just how different he is.
But no one will believe him; no one can help.

There is no proof.
There is no logic.
There is just the Gate.

I think I am going through a weird phase. At the moment I am reading every single book that my brother has ever recommended to me. I don't think that its normal to be reading the same books as your younger brother but its too late now.
I read this book because I was bored and I raided my brothers bookshelf. Raven's Gate was written by the author of the 'Alex Rider' series. The author has stepped away from the spy genre and has focused of fantasy. Although he has kept the central character a young teenage boy (the same as the Alex Rider series). If you liked the Alex Rider books you will be sure to enjoy these books, and know what to expect from these books (the authors style or writing doesn't change much).
Once again, I think that this book is aimed for younger readers and boys, but I found it quite enjoyable. It kept me hooked the entire way through, and I was guessing most of the plot.
Saying this however, just reading this book alone is not the best idea. This book took me one night and wasn't very rewarding, but I persisted and read the second- The Evil Ones (Oh, how very menacing). The first and second should be one book, the action and captivating story line really picks up in the sequel.
I don't think most of my fellow book clubbers would be particularly interested in this book, but I personally loved it.
I would recommend it for people who are feeling like young boys :
No really, I recommend it to people who are looking for an easy, simple read.

More Information:
Raven's Gate Website
Good Old Wiki
Authors Website

That's about it really.
Captain Libeka
ps. Happy Birthday to Emma!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Black and White Question

In reply to Grumpyteacher101's question

"With this in mind do you, as the Koob's, believe their is a definite black and white (evil or good) in modern literature or does modern literature deal more with the what if's.. (the grey's)?"

I think it is becoming more prevalent for literature at this period in time to deal with the what if's? Whether this is due to it being more acceptable now than it was in earlier years, I can't say. In times gone by a lot of people saw the world in black and white, due to what beliefs and morals people had been taught. It could also be because we have a better understanding of how the human psyche works and we think more about character motivations and backgrounds than they did in the past.

You can't limit the what if's to this time though, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a good example of a what if text from earlier times. The creation of Victor Frankenstein is complex, he is seen as a horrible person, a monster and after being labeled this for all his life that is what he becomes. He is abandoned by his creator when he wakes up, he has no one to teach him about morals and what is right or wrong, he learns from how other people treat him. We ultimately feel sorry for the creation, even after all of the wrong things that he did.

So I think there has been an increase in what if literature, but I think this is because times have changed and people are more easy going about subjects that would have caused outrage. We have a right to our opinion something that people didn't have in the past, they couldn't write things that would cause controversy, depending on the subject, they could have been killed for expressing their opinion.

You may think that this hasn't happened for a long time, but you would be wrong. 20 years ago Salman Rushdie wrote a novel called The Satanic Verses, this novel was seen as blasphemous as it spoke against the muslim god. Salman Rushdie received many death threats afterwards and was given a death sentence.

So if you place a situation like this in a time where eight year olds could be killed for the smallest of things, do you think people are going to risk their lives to make money?

Blue Haired Girl

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Missing Girl - Norma Fox Mazer

Five sisters, all very different, Beauty the eldest, who sees herself as anything but beautiful, Mim the quiet shy sister, Stevie the impulsive one, Fancy talks a lot and understands little and Autumn the youngest. Five very different sisters, all unaware of the man who follows, he knows where they will be and when they will be there, they are to self –obsessed to notice, until one day Autumn doesn’t come home.

This book provides a very good story line and is really captivating…. at first. Written in a similar style to Robert Swindell’s Stone Cold this book provides insight to the mind of a criminal and the unsuspecting girls he is watching. The only downside to this book, is that because we see everything from a different point of view every chapter, the author fails to give us an insight into how the characters minds work. Missing Girl leaves a lot of questions unanswered, why does the antagonist do that, where does he come from, why is he the way he is?

This book also shares many similarities to Broken by Daniel Clay, for example the idea of 5 sisters, the constant changing to a different point of view.

I didn’t love the book, but it had a great storyline, it just needed to be expanded and fleshed out more, I thought that this would have been better as Norma Fox Mazer has written over 30 novels and short stories.

Blue Haired Girl

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Daughter of the Blood

Daughter of the Blood
ANNE BISHOP (How cool is the front cover?!)

Seven year old Jaenelle, is destined to rule the Blood, if she can reach adulthood. Her power is hidden; her family believes her mad. Saetan, High Lord of Hell and most powerful of the Blood males, becomes Jaenelle's adopted father and teacher. He cannot protect her outside Hell, where he rules. She refuses to leave Terreille, risking herself to protect or heal other victims of violence. Can Daemon, Saetan's estranged son, keep her safe from the machinations of the evil High Priestess? Or will he lose his battle to control his destructive urges and endanger her?

This novel has knocked Twilight from the top of my favourite book's list. Need I say anymore to convince you of my love for this book?
This book is fantastic! Although I will say that it is by far the most sexual book which I have ever read. At least half of the main characters have been raped, are prostitutes or have sex or thoughts of sex, at least once in this novel. It isn't overly graphic, but on the other hand it doesn't just suggest the sex. But wait, please don't be put off by this. I started this book and at first wasn't sure if I should be disturbed or intrigued- I floated in the middle somewhere.
The plot is complex and is full of different character (about 50 not exaggerating). It wasn't until halfway through this book, that I finally started to understand the terms and names given to different people or things.
About half way through the book, at the point where I began to understand it, the plot slowed down and allowed for a lot of character development. Before this point I was unsure motives of characters and what they really where. A character whom I had first taken to be a cruel and manipulative man, I now understood why he put up that facade and how kind and sensitive he was under it. As I began to know the characters I grew more and more emirsed in the story and found myself predicting-but hoping it was not right- the ending. I found the perspective interesting as well. The book is never, ever from Jaenelle's perspective. It is always from people around her, people across the country or realms. Although you never get to see into her mind, it is still refreshing to see her through many, many different people perspective. In every chapter, the perspective switches 10 times exactly and this offers you a broader understanding of the 'bad guys' and the 'good guys' ideals and plots.
And another thing, this is the most orginal plot I have read in a long time. Completely inspired.
This book has a lot of dark themes, such as rape, sexist beliefs and defiantly a strong emphasis on the mental health of sex slaves. I am now half way through the second book in the trilogy and I am just as hooked as I was on the first.
Although it does have dark themes, if you think that you can handle that sort of things, the plot is wonderful, the characters and well developed and the twists always keep you guessing, you won't be able to put this book down. I even cryed at the end, the descriptions are so emotional, I am even tearing up now as I think about it- yes I know I am lame.

The best book I have read all year (yes that includes the Twilgiht Saga *shock horor*)
Just a warning: Please remember that it is a very adult book, but its aimed for older teenagers. So if you are at all sensitive do not, I repeat, do not even attempt to read this book.
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Thats about all really,
Captain Libeka

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Black Tattoo

No pressure on me at all. None what so ever. Sarcasm.
I think I need to prove my point, the following events occurred at the book club at today's lunch time meeting:
RavenClawGal: Everyone who wants Captain Libeka to write the article for the newsletter say Aye!
Whole Book Club (Not including Captain Libeka): Aye!
Captain Libeka: Nay...?

The story of my life, my friends all bully me. If anyone has any suggestions for what I should write I am listening, both at school and on this blog. Blue Haired Girl has promised to help me, but I have no idea what to write. So help?
Anyway, I am writing this blog for a purpose, and here it is.

The Black Tattoo

Jack's best mate, Charlie, has always been effortlessly cool. When Charlie wakes up one day and finds a mysterious, moving Black Tattoo on his back, it's a clear sign that he's even cooler than Jack thought. To top it off, Charlie is suddenly able to fight like a kung-fu master, fly, and control the minds of others. Yes, he's got super powers.
Or does he?
Jack soon learns the terrifying truth: Charlie's incredible powers come from an age-old demon called the Scourge, who is using Charlie to bring about its evil master plan. To stop the Scourge, Jack and Charlie join forces with Esme, a girl with super powers of her own, trained from birth to fight the demon. But time is running out, as Charlie falls deeper under the Scourge's dark spell.
When the Scourge vanishes with Charlie, Jack and Esme follow their friend from the streets of London into Hell itself, where they face horrors that may well cost them their lives. Can they survive to outwit the Scourge, save Charlie, and stop an even greater evil?

This book reminds me of something that my little brother would read. Its full of boys eating bats vomit, daemons and martial arts. But don't be deterred. I started this book one fatefully night and I was rewarded by an original story! Don't get me wrong, I love vampire/romance/fantasy novels, but eventually the same old plot gets old. The Black Tattoo, however was completely original. Its concepts were brilliant and the twists were unpredictable throughout the entirety of the novel. Although I would say that this book is for slightly younger readers, or boys, I still enjoyed it thoroughly.
The Black Tattoo blows away every religion and its beliefs- this could offend people who are religious. If you think about this story, and dig deep, you can see lots of subliminal messages and serious points which the author raises.
Its very hard to believe in parts and the language sometimes becomes extremely confusing- especially in fight scenes (The technical language confused me to no end- I didn't know that there were so many ways that you could kit someone!) and in the 'gladiator pits' when the author attempts to describe the contestants. Sometimes I found myself having to go back and re-read sections because there was so much information to take in, and it was presented in a block of information. It became extremely boring.
I also found that I didn't feel emotionally attached to any of the main characters. The story doesn't spend any time setting up their lives or personalities and you are forced to pick up as much as you can during the break neck pace of the plot. Because I didn't know anything about the characters, to be quite honest I didn't really care what happened to some of them (not a good thing when they are the 'good guys').
Another negative was the main character Jack. While everyone around him has special powers or becomes special, he remains the ever suffering best friend (who narrates a vast majority of the book), its only at the end do we really get to see some of his qualities and see him fighting back. His weak mentality annoyed me, especailly when I am so used to powerful or influentual main characters.
I know, that's a lot of negatives. But to be honest the plot completely makes up for them. Its original and gritty. The language was well used and I spent a lot of time reading this book late into the night when I was supposed to be working on my assignments- in other words, it had me hooked.
In this book the concept of 'Hell' and 'God' are really funny and original. You have to read it to understand what I am saying, but it is defiantly not what you are predicting.
I defiantly think that people who enjoy books such as the Pendragon series by D. J. MacHale and all Garth Nix books, will probably enjoy this book. Oh and I also have to add that Esme- a main character in the book- was voted one of the most 'Kick-A** Female Book Characters of all time', I have to agree with this. She is pretty amazing.

More Information:
The Black Tattoo Website
Good Old Wikipedia

Captain Libeka.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why all the spoilers and leaks?

One of the highlights of my reading year has been ruined.

My eyes are burnt. I was innocently looking up the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini and I have seen spoilers. Full on, plot ruining, whole book destroying spoilers.

Why do people feel the need to know what is going to happen in books before they have read them? And even so, why do they feel so compelled to share it on the Internet?

Authors try so hard to keep their manuscripts and ideas private (eg. Jk Rowling and Stephanie Meyer) to make sure that the reading experience is not ruined! I personally do not understand why people actually want spoilers. Its just like reading the last page of a book, before you have finished reading it. Its a no brainer, you don't do it! When you know how a book is going to end, it makes you view the book in an entirely different way than if you had no idea how it was going to end. Although with some books the ending is fairly predicable and some people may argue that they are not spoiling much; this does not erase the fact that some books are not predicable and can be ruined. Personally, I had no idea what Stephanie Meyer was going to do in the end of Breaking Dawn, and I personally- I know lots of people will disagree- thought that certain events would transpire and that certain characters would meet there demise. If I had seen spoilers the BD I would have been totally shocked! This is exactly the case with Brisingr, I had- had is the key word- no idea what was going to happen. Now the whole book is ruined for me!

To be quite honest, when Breaking Dawn was about to be released I was petrified that I was going to innocently go onto myspace, fanfiction or simply check my emails and there would be the entire plot laid out for me too see.

I have to say, I am a massive fan of Christopher Paolini and his novels. His latest book is one of the 'must reads' of the year and now I simply typed in Eragon into Google and BAM, spoilers. Its not like I can take it back either, I have read a really crucial fact about Brisingr (the third and latest book which is to be released on the 20th of September).

This is a massive problem, in our new age of technology it is becoming easier and easier for confidentiality and copyright issues the be breached. My question is, why do people choose to ruin a wonderful book for people around the world?

Just like Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun was the whole Twilight book-which Stephanie Meyer was in the process of writing- but from Edwards perspective. Due to a leak of her manuscript she has cancelled work on the novel until she is 'more mentally prepared to write it'. This is another case of a leak which has ruined a almost published book.

I was really grateful and surprised that the 7th Harry Potter book wasn't spoiled, but I am digressing.

I am just really upset.

And annoyed.

I don't even know if I will end up reading it because it is ruined!

No, that's not true, I will defiantly read it, but it will be ruined and I will be extremely sad.

This is basically a warning, do not, I repeat, do not look up anything to do with The Inheritance Cycle or Eragon or Eldest or Brisingr or Christopher Paolini

Oh well, I have to say that this spoiler has managed to quell some of my enthusiasm for this novel, but I am still psyched.
Captain Libeka